Shortcut to load track to deck

I am using Mixxx on my mac. Love it! One issue I can’t figure out is how to load a track to a deck with kwystrokes. I think I read Command 0, but neither Command O or Command 0 work. Can you help? Thanks, Jim

have you tried the Help menu > Keyboard shortcuts ?
that should direct you to the Mixxx online manual and show you default keyboard mapping image.

Loading to decks is done with Shift + Left (deck1) / Right (deck2).
You can also easily create your own mapping 14. Advanced Topics — Mixxx User Manual

I tride Shift + on my Mac, no luck


I got it to work….too many keys to make it active….I will just double click the track with the mouse. Lol


one thing you need to check first, of course:
is Options > Enable Keyboard Shortcuts ticked?
then it’s just Shift + arrows, a simple combo for an important action, dunno what else keys you need to activate for that…?