Skin and pitch range suggestion

I’ve made my own custom skin but I’ve run into two limitations at this point. First, I really wish there was a widget to display the current pitch range on the skin. I like to change my pitch range on the fly when I use Serato but when using Mixxx I find myself constantly having to wonder what my pitch range is actually at in that moment. Just a widget that showed “± 8%”, “± 10%”, etc would be fantastic. I tried to make my own custom Mixxx build but I got a weird error while compiling so I don’t know if I’ll be able to work that oddness out or not. If I can, I’ll update and let you know if I can get my own widget going.

I did find one hacky way to do it. I bound NumberBpm to [ChannelX],rateRange and that seems to work in the meantime though it doesn’t have the “±”, lol. I imagine that if you just duplicate the NumberBpm class then change it to add the “±” and “%” and multiply [ChannelX],rateRange by 100, you’d have it done in a matter of minutes. The x100 would be so it says “± 8%” not “± 0.08”

The other suggestion I had was allowing users to create their own pitch range selections. When I toggle through pitch ranges. Since I only map one midi button to my pitch range changing, going from 16% to 8% goes 16->24->50->90->4->6->8. I’d lovely to be able to just set it to 8, 16, and WIDE. Perhaps just have a few checkboxes that allow you to toggle on/off different ranges so when you swap ranges with a button/key/midi it’ll skip any that are turned off.

Someone has already started working on this. Have a look at:

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The range selection currently can be done inside the controller mapping.

So I’d have to rewrite my controller mapping to get that? I’ll have to dig through the file and see what I can sort out. I just think it’d be convenient to be able to select which ones the controller can cycle though.

And thanks for pointing out that someone else was working on that widget.

Chance is high that the range values are stored in a variable at the beginning of the script but I didn’t look into it on that specific one

Well you select your pitch range in Settings and when you change your range with a range cycle key, it cycles the setting itself. It’s not actually built into the controller script from how it appears to me.

Sorry if I didn’t catch it but what controller are you using?

At the moment I’m using a Numark Mixtrack Platinum. It doesn’t already have a button to change pitch range so I mapped my pitch bend to pitch range cycling. My inconvenience is that I only use three of the settings and it’d be nice if I could specify to only use those three. I’ll probably have to just tear apart the mapping and find a way to make it track and change the pitch all on its own.