Skin for small screens (WIP)

Hi! I’m running mix on a pi with 2.8 inch screen (running on 800x600) and needed a skin to work with it. Thankfully the new style skins (LateNight in this case) are super modular (you can just delete the xml files for the sections you don’t need) and contain great tricks for auto scaling (e,e size policy).

-I use a key on my controller to switch between library view and wave form view.
-The library font size is not increased yet.


Zip here (cant upload because I am a new user)
Git here
Full project git here

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Library font size will work better with high dpi in 2.3 (currently in beta) compared to 2.2.
Other than that, I guess you just miss removing non-used buttons from the bar at the bottom.

Hi there,
I have the same problem. My config:
Raspi 3, 7" 800x480 Touch Display, Djtech to go duo.
Found the cdj zip with 800x480, but this is only one player.
Which skin with two players I can use for this small resolution?
All scaleable skins stoping scaling at around 1024px…

Why would you try to show 2 decks on such a tiny screen? I cannot imagine a way that would be usable.

It is, it is a damn small Dj-to-go Setup, working on powerbank as well.
Best would be, all physical button on the controller are not shown in the
skin. But I changed my setup now to a 8" 1280x800 touchscreen and it is
working very good.

What do you mean with ‘two decks’ exactly? As @Eugen points out, there is no need for buttons on the GUI if you have a physical controller. The skin posted in this topic scales fine to 800x450 (you can make anything scale when using the right ‘scaling policy’, e.g. (e,e)). Also it shows the bpm, name and wave form of two decks, and is perfectly readable. Do still need to adjust the playlist fontsize and indeed remove the bottom buttons (although mebbie can activate them with the unused buttons on my controller).

@dennisdebel: Yeah at last I got the skin above working, but on the 800x480 screen the touch was defective, so I changed to 8" now and now I got more choice regarding skins.

I have the same issue with the touch on my 2.8" screen. I thought it must be the upscaling I do in the pi config.txt that messes around with the original calibration. Haven’t gotten around to recalibrate though. What screen are you using and how is it?

Hi Eugene, when you say touch - are you on Windows or Linux? I now put most of my commands on a midi panel, because touchscreen is not really working well (I think I am having a 1024x600 screen)

I am trying on Ubuntu18.04, but rightMouseButton is not really supported with touch-screen - I am using Mixxx v2.1.8 which is the least broken for touchscreens on ubuntu running on an odroid xu4 (armhf cpu) - on higher versions some areas of the menu I can’t touch (e.g. the library) - it’s still happening, just less with 2.1.8. (i haven’t tested Mixxx 2.2.4 or 2.3beta yet)

Hi le3d,
I am on raspian using a raspberry pi and a 1280x800 display.
All enough for my needs, but now I got problems mapping my
pocketDJ, no mapping file available, so I tried to map by my self.
But I do not get the jogdial working for strip search, crossfader
for stripsearch works. But I think this is another topic.

Ey, those of you using Mixxx on touch screens, is everything responding to touch? Im my Ubuntu system the library and menus cant be used with touch.