Skin - Gudron for Mixxx 2.0

Resizeable. Designed for 1280px minimum width.

× No effect rack support, only quick filters.
× No vinyl section.
× Need to ellipsize big text in decks.

Roboto font family used for typographics. Please download and install it for right text appearance.
Mainly it’s rework of skin for Mixxx 1.12.
By the fact it was released at March 23 when I worked at GSoC project (paused now), but I forgot to announce, sorry.
I upload it to GitHub soon.
(1.9 MiB) (1.86 MB)

Hi Zezic, thanks a lot for sharing your skin, it’s really awesome.
Best regards

That looks really nice, I think I just found my new skin, despite the lack of effect rack support. I especially like the 3D looking knobs.

Oh, it’s completely broken for me on Mixx 2.0 and Windows 10. I don’t know why so much stuff is missing and cut off.

Oh, thank you for report. I’ll check it on W10 today.

Awesome, I hope you can get it working, or that I just screwed up installing it, or something like that. I’m eager to use it.

It looks like my previous post had been deleted so I will say it again: that’s ducking awesome! Thanks! Спасибо! )

This is really impressive!

Only thing I wish is support for FX…

Yep, I agree with this.

And maybe optional parallel waveforms? (I know, I should stop djing with my eyes :wink:

Nontheless, impressive work. Once it supports FX, I think this should become the default Mixxx skin. I love 2.0, but it was a step back in visual elegance compared to 1.12… Your skin is a rocket forward!

Absolutely massive skin ! Started using yesterday and I’m totally addicted, beautiful stuff, good work my friend !

Hey, any news on how it works with Windows 10, or if I just screwed up installing it? Also, I agree with that other guy that paralell waveforms would be great.

Sorry, I just use Windows very rarely, I try it under Windows some day. Most likely it’s something strange with way you got it installed.
Can you run Mixxx in console and copy output produced when this skin loading?

Sure, but I’ll try reinstalling it first.

Edit: Sorry! Must’ve been something wrong with my install, it works perfectly now!

Snazzy skin, thanks!

Thank you =)

I am totaly flashed from your work, looks very professionel. Thumbs up, this is now my favorite skin!

Best regards,

PS: Installed on Win10, Mixxx 2.0 64bit.

Beautiful theme! I’m missing FX support though; is that any closer to being implemented?

This skin looks EPIC - but the download is broken :-/

I’d love to give it a try

Found a working link in a gihub convo:

I need vinyl settings ideally…This skin makes mixxx look absolutely top class and should be the default bundled skin imho

I use DVS - so the mixer in the middle is pretty redundant for me; I prefer to use the hardware mixer for everything I can - that way I can still mix real vinyl without Mixxx, without changing my workflow.

What are the chances of adding a flip button to flip the middle mixer section between Mixer and Vinyl, offering a DVS specific bit in the middle with the vinyl control buttons/modes and the signal visuals? That would be AWESOME :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

EDIT: Deal breaker…
I can’t find any keyboard shortcuts for changing the vinyl modes between abs / relative / const / Passthrough :frowning:

Is there any way i can use this skin or do i have to go back to latenight for DVS control?

You can map your own keyboard control to vinylcontrol_mode (ref. … s#channeln), or presumably you can just use LateNight skin to set the mode and then switch to Gudron - it shouldn’t lose the setting.

By the way, all skins are a product of someone’s time and effort. The LateNight skin didn’t just fall out of the sky. Even when you have a preference, please try to avoid brandishing someone’s work as “ganky”…