Skin update idea!

**Would it not be possible to have the art work on the spinnys turn, rather than a turning line over a static rt work? It will then seem as if a record was spinning.
Or maybe, couldn’t the spinny section be turn into a sort of old school turntable. I’m sure everyone knows what I mean.
It would be nice if Mixxx was able to resemble an old school DJ deck.
Just a thought.


Sure, if someone wants to experiment with that: go ahead!
Though I’m questioning if the artwork can be rotated without being blurry, which would defeat the purpose.

Sure. Someone would have to create a spinny mask with all the technical details and allow to squeeze the artwork into the actual platter (c++ changes). Even making the tone arm swing across the platter is possible.
Like with all possible eye candy: someone with sufficient motivation, skills and spare time has to do it. Given the current priorities and future features in progress it’s highly unlikely that any of the core devs will tackle this atm.
if someone else steps up: welcome!

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