Snap Support

What about the snap support?

Perhaps you could offer slightly more info on this?

I believe he would be referring to the Canonical (I think) Snap Package system. [1]

From previous discussions I believe the devs are more interested in/tempted by the AppImage format [2] and from the little research I’ve done I’d say I agree with that choice.


Yes I refer to the Canonical packages. And how about the other packages? There are some implementations now?

PPA’s are a thing of the past and also insecure, adding them on system non user friendly. Any word about a snap package for Mixxx nowadays?

We will not be distributing a snap package because the server software for the snap repository is proprietary. The only way to distribute snaps is through the server run by Canonical, which creates an Apple-like ecosystem dominated by one company’s arbitrary power.

Mixxx is available as a Flatpak on Flathub now. However we don’t generally recommend this over the PPA or Linux distribution packages for a few reasons. Using JACK inside Flatpak requires running PipeWire outside the Flatpak sandbox, which Fedora does by default now and is easy to do on Arch as well, but Debian, Ubuntu, and derived distros do not have PipeWire packaged for audio currently. Also distribution packages install a udev rule file which is required for unprivileged users to use HID controllers. I am working upstream in systemd to address that so HID controllers could be used without manually installing a udev rule file in the future.

When those issues are resolved, I would like to discontinue the PPA. But for now, distribution packages continue to be the recommended way to install Mixxx on most distros except using the PPA for Debian based distros. We proactively work with packagers to make Mixxx easily available on many distros, including Fedora (RPM Fusion), Arch, Alpine, and FreeBSD. Unfortunately the Debian and Ubuntu package maintainers have not been as responsive.

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