Sound on 2.3.0 release

I Don’t know if anyone else has had a similar problem. But I have tried Mix230 twice and the sound output is really bad.
The sound is all loud & low, Loud & Low. Yet 224 has good sound output.
The “silence detector” on 230 is a good idea, but like i said the sound is not so good. Can this be improved?
Let me know if it’s just me or has anyone else come accross a similar problem. Thank you.

yes, you’re the first to report the sound is “really bad”.

if you upgraded from 2.2.4 your ‘good’ sound hardware settings should be the same, thus Mixxx should sound the same (assuming your hardware didn’t change)

OK Thank you and I will try that and see what happens.

What does that mean? Do you have a microphone with Autoducking enabled so that the volume goes up and down?

I also did not quite understand what the problem is with the author of the topic. I re-read the post three times and cannot understand what the essence of the question is.

It’s ok I have sorted out the sound problem. Originally when I used the software, one track was very low and another was very loud and some tracks were continually ducking up & down. This was due to sound set-up and the PC incompatibility. I now use a sound card within my Hercules controller and the output is stable.
Thank you to everyoen who tried to help.