Spartan - Skin for Mixxx 1.10 & 1.9

Sometimes you dont need a full featured, button loaded skin.
Sometimes it is enough to have a big library and big track informations/waveforms while working with just the turntables or a midi controller, never touching any button on the screen at all.

Based on the Shade skin i have made a simple proposal for this special purpose.

Before posting it i would like to hear your ideas guys - is there is something missing or needs to be improved , things you would like to see in there…

Also it would be interesting to know what screen resolution you would prefer (use poll please).

Features so far:

  • Works with all major OS` in fullscreen mode
  • Big font size for library & track information
  • Big Waveform with Cue & Hotcue informations
  • Volume/Peak meter for Channels & Master
  • Of corse all Keyboard shortcuts & Midi mappings keep working

Your screenshot is very nice but in my opinion the VuMeters should be bigger.
About the resolution i think that the ideal is the common resolution of the notebooks, because usually the DJs use the notebook for performing live.

Compliments for the idea, should be very useful :wink:

I think it needs a “Panic” button look-alike just in case the controller broke down. It may be a general stop button or the like. Dunno what you think… :confused:

We could have one that re-activates the controllers which should recover them if they’re using scripts. (And could eventually even recover from accidental unplugs.)

I second the larger VU meters. How about this? Extend the deck boxes a bit and have vertical pre-fader VUs the height of the deck boxes, then make the master ones horizontal in the existing space.

Agree , bigger VUmeters makes sense - if somewhat far away from keyboard you can`t see them now.

A Panic Button… Why not use keyboard shortcuts then?

Been a while since the last post but finally the skin is here for you to try it out.
It has evolved pretty much but it is still a beta version so there might be errors.
Tested mostly with MacOS but should look the same with the other OS`s.
If you find an error - tell me. Format is 1280x800-WXGA until.

With Mixxx 1.9 we got the support for external mixers and this is what the skin should be good for.

Your feedback is much appreciated.

Howto install skins


[code] v1.10.0.01 (22/01/2012)
* Use version number scheme for official Mixxx skins that follows the target Mixxx versioning
* Fix: Skin wont crash anymore when loading from within Mixxx 1.10
* Fix: Display tracks duration with Mixxx 1.10
* Fix: Changed stylesheets for tooltip so that they are not cut off anymore on Windows, lp:712718
* Fix: Selected sidebar item’s branch indicator shows wrong color when out of focus, lp:880588
* Feature: Added “ProgressColor” & “ProgressAlpha” for track analysis progress visualization
in waveform overview, lp:803740
* Feature: EmitOnDownPress double-skin connection block replaced with EmitOnPressAndRelease
* Feature: Use “visual_bpm” key instead “bpm” so bpm display does not updates too quickly
* Update: Unify word choice in tooltips, replaces “player” with “deck”, lp:879084

v0.91b	(25/03/2011)
* Added Gain slider for Channels & Master
* Added Mixxx 1.9.1 features:
	- Expanded to support 36 hot cues
	- Skin uses WidgetGroups positioning now
	  WidgetGroups allow to make a group of relatively positioned widgets, useful for easy resizing

v0.90b	(11/12/2010)
Public Preview for Mixxx 1.9.x
- added css customisations
v0.80b	(25/11/2010)
Initial Developer Preview for Mixxx 1.9.x[/code]

[size=150]For Mixxx 1.10[/size]
Spartan1280x800-WXGA (67.6 KB)

[size=150]For Mixxx 1.9.x[/size]
Spartan1366x768-WXGA (68.3 KB)
Spartan1280x800-WXGA (67 KB)

Well, This is very nice. However, I tried to change the size of the library in order to fix this, I couldn’t change it:

It doesn’t look correctly on 1366x768 screen size, habitual on netbooks and new LCD screens. Apart of that, the skin is 10 out of 10!!!

This looks awesome Jus!

Added version for 1366x768-WXGA screen format (download above).

I have another issue here, but I don’t know if this one is part done by QT libs. Check it out:


As you see, I get this white combo box. This happens in Ubuntu 10.10 with QT 4.7

Awesome skin, man!
Perfect for my brand new M11x (1366x768 screen) and my controllers!
Loves it!

Thanks guys for the feedback :slight_smile:

I swear that problem was not with Ubuntu last time i tested the skin before uploading. However it is there and i`ll post an update soon.

Would love to see this in a netbook size - 1024x600 please !!

i ve made another skin with a similar concept > Skratch Netbook

What a great idea! I love it!

Excellent work, guys :sunglasses:

Hi guys,
I’m trying to install this skin (and with Skratch skin is the same) but the result is what you see in the attachment (left window).
The Mixxx window turns empty…

What’s wrong?

Thank you,

lets wait for an answer from jus on this bcuz unfortunately i cant test (and debug) the skratch skin under linux as im on win7, and it works properly for me - even jus tested and reviewed it before i posted it, dunno what os is he using tho.
thanks for your patience

Hi daudaxxx,
check the path for the skin, looks like you have the stuff extracted to a subfolder - that wont work.

Mixxx is looking for the following file in your example

/usr/share/mixxx/skins/Spartan1280x800-WXGA v0.9b/skin.xml .
Please note there is a small visual glitch with the Spartan skin in Ubuntu, haven`t found the time to fix it yet.

I think we need a Spartan Skin, now that we have have Mixxx 1.10 Beta, and in a short future Mixxx 1.10 Final.

How about that idea? :wink:

I like the concept, it’s perfect when combined with a controller. Two requests on my wich list:

  • A Netbook resolution version
  • Display of the EQ kill button status on both sides of the VU meter, because my Hercules RMX doesn’t has status indicators (leds) for these buttons on the console. The RMX is a very popular console and these indicators won’t take up any space.