Spinnies not spinning

The spinnies in Mixxx have suddenly stopped spinning. Can anyone tell me why or how to restart them? It’s not essential but a good quick visual as to which deck is playing.

the usual questions first:
which Mixxx version?
which skin?

Did you maybe disable the spinnies in the skin settings (Tango, LateNight) and see only the cover art now?

Thanks for replying.
It’s Mixxx2.2.4. And no. I haven’t done anything to the skin. The Spinners are there with the waveforms but both are still. They were working up to a few weeks ago.

Spinnies and waveforms don’t simply stop moving, something must have changed.
Wild guess: you’re on a mac and did an upgrade recently?

Do you not have sound too? If so, you need to configure your Sound Hardware preferences.

In any case I sussgest updating to Mixxx 2.3.0. 2.2.4 is not supported anymore. Maybe that already fixes the issue.

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Everything else is fine, like it always was. I use a fairly new laptop with Windows 10. Unless it has something to do with all these recent Win 10 updates, which I can’t imagine. Just those little spinnies stopped turning - and the waveform displays stopped moving too. They are all still fine on my pc - also Win 10 and Mixxx 2 2.4

there occurred a bug on macOS recently also showing static waveforms. that was after a system update.
only the simple renderers were affected, and all sins except Shade.
that’s why I’m asking.

which waveform and overview types have you selected in the preferences?
try all renderers and check if any work.
which skin do you use?

Spinnies suddenly restarted for no apparent reason. Strange. Thanks everyone for trying to help.

like system update? :wink:

They started spinning normally again a little while after the last post. No idea why.
Thanks for all offers of help.