Starting a deck on pulse (audio) in

Ok guys, I have an old D&R broadcast console with fader/knob start and stop. I want to use the faders on my console to start and stop or put the audio file into it’s starting position again.

The setup I have now:
Mixxx has 4 players/decks all the decks go out on my Echo Audiofire 8. So I have 4 stereo outputs.
I want to control all decks by fader/knob on my broadcast mixing desk.

How can add a controller in the preference window which will point to the audio input of my Echo Audiofire 8? Say input 1 is for incomming start signal, input 2 is for incomming stop/reload signal.

So I don’t want to use midi but I want to use the audio interface’s inputs to control Mixxx’s decks/players.

Thanks for all replies!

Would it be an idea to use an Auxiliary? Let Mixxx listen to one of the Auxiliary’s inputs. When Mixxx detects an input on Auxiliary 1, deck 1 should start playing.

How can I add such a functionality?

The manual of my mixing desk (D&R) reads the following: (don’t know if the signal from the remote start jack socket is readable / noticeable by my audio interface).

There is no such feature in Mixxx.

Well, you could use a JavaScript controller mapping for that I think. Connect to the VU meter control of Auxiliary1. If it raises above a threshold, set [Channel1],play to 1.

This is promising! Could you direct me to installing and using JavaScript? I’m new to Mixxx. Really cool idea on this possibility. If my “tip=collector(+)” and “ring=emitter” is not enough, I could use a solid state relais to put more on the Auxiliary input. Thanks in advance!