Streaming Mixxx using OBS with ASIO on Windows 10


Hoping someone can help me with this as I’m absolutely tearing my hair out.

I’m trying to use Mixxx to livestream a DJ set. I want to use OBS to stream, but the problem is I use ASIO in Mixxx to reduce latency, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get OBS to recognise ASIO output as an audio source.

I’ve tried several pieces of software that are supposed to bridge ASIO output into a Windows audio input, but I’ve not managed to get any of them working.

I’ve had the most success with VoiceMeeter, but when using it the audio output from my Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 stutters constantly, as though the buffer size is too small even though it’s at the maximum of 1024 samples. I don’t have this issue when selecting the Scarlett 6i6 in Mixxx directly, so it’s definitely VoiceMeeter causing the issue there.

I’ve also tried O-Deus ASIO Link Pro, which seemed to be fine as the audio coming out of the Scarlett 6i6 was perfect, but upon closer inspection it turned out the audio coming through the virtual input created by O-Deus ASIO Link Pro was unusably garbled and stuttery - which annoyingly I didn’t realise until after a 2-hour livestream.

I’ve also tried Synchronous Audio Router, which caused Mixxx to crash during its loading screen.

Finally I’ve also tried Jack2, which is an undocumented nightmare on Windows. After running the Windows installer I found JackRouter would not appear in the list of ASIO devices in Mixxx or any other program, and after manually registering JackRouter.dll Jack2 stopped working entirely, crashing upon attempting to query audio devices.

Edit: Oh, I also used Hi-Fi Cable / ASIO Bridge, which I couldn’t get to work either.

Surely somebody else must have tried livestreaming with Mixxx and OBS on Windows and come up with a solution to this? My only alternative is to use a splitter cable to send the output from my Scarlett 6i6 into the line-in port on my laptop, which seems ridiculous.