Stripsearch knob increments


After a good bit of googling and getting some very NSFW results from “Stripsearch knob increments” I’m out of ideas on a mapping issue I have.
I’m using 2 novation controllers, a launchpad mini and a launchcontrol, this query is about the launchcontrol.

A knob on the launchcontrol has been mapped to the stripsearch function (using parallel waveforms btw).
This can then skip through the track from start to end over the full rotation of the knob, which is great for getting to a general part of a track, but…
The increments are really large, so it skips over about 6.5 of the beatgrid sections, this means I can’t match up the beatgrid or get the track to exactly where I want it to start without having to fallback on the mouse.

Anyone got any ideas or alternatives?


Do you have free buttons to map on your launch control? If not, stop reading here :smiley:
Knobs are not the right tool for strip search, indeed, but since your device does not have encoders, you could do the following, almost similar to my mapping:

  • Use the knob for getting closest possible to the desired location
  • map two buttons per deck for fast forward and backward (like with a tape deck :slight_smile: ) - controls are named fwd and reverse
  • map another two buttons per deck for juming on the beatgrid for X beats (please look for the controls in … ols#master

So you could to your desired point. My controller works like this by design - only difference is the encoder for stripsearch. Works fine and fast, you probably would lose some seconds with fowarding and reversing.


That has helped somewhat but the button mapping doesn’t move in small enough increments either.

I think I can justify a dedicated DJ controller now so I’m going to go down that route and use the launchcontrol and pad for effects and samples.

I use Shift + Jog Wheel for this kind of quick search through the track, a very handy feature. Of course, the jog wheel has a much higher resolution than a regular 7-bit MIDI knob.

You could also use a Shift button to switch between different resolutions when turning this knob. But even with an additional finer resolution (4x/8x) you might not be able to reach any desired position exactly. Dedicated forward/rewind buttons as suggested, maybe with a progressive response profile depending on how long you pressed them, could be used for the final tuning of the position.

Sorry, but I am curious: You need smaller increments than one beat (what can be achieved via the beatjump control)? You want to go between two beats? I think, this only works with a jog wheel or a encoder with a very low resolution. I ask, just to be sure, that I understood you right and because I want to understand your szenario.

Yes, i need to moved the beatgrid to line it up with the point I want the beat to be detected

What Mixxx Control have you mapped it to currently? There’s a number of solutions to your issue.

beatjump_X_forward/backward - There’s a fair number of partial beat values which can be used. (A control exists for X = 0.03125, 0.0625, 0.125, 0.25, 0.5)
playposition=playposition+(your_value) - playposition is a 0-1 range for the active track so 0.001 would be 1/1000th of the track per tick received.
combing the above playposition with track_samplerate to let you adjust with sample accurate precision.