Suddenly unable to connect to icecast servers

Mixxx 2.2.1
Manjaro Linux

I’ve been running Mixxx as an Icecast streamer for a couple of years now without problem - using two different servers. But as of today I am suddenly unable to connect to either of them - I get the following message:

One of the Live Broadcasting connections raised this error: Error with connection 'xxxxx': Can't connect to streaming server Please retry current operation. Please check your connection to the Internet and verify that your username and password are correct.

I have double and triple checked all the details and my internet connection is fine, I have checked with other users of the servers (who also use Mixxx) and they report no problems at their end.
As I say, this affects BOTH the connections I use.

Can anyone guide me through a trouble-shooting process?

EDIT: I have since successfully connected using different software - Darkice/Darksnow - so the problem does appear to be Mixxx itself…

EDIT: libshout was updated from 2.4.1 to 2.4.2 since my last broadcast. Is this a possible source of the problem?

EDIT: downgrading libshout brings success!

EDIT: libshout 2.4.3 also fails.

I had the same problem. Downgrading to this package fixed it indeed. … pkg.tar.xz

And it seems to be a problem in Mixxx only, because broadcasting using butt works fine.

Thanks for posting this zerocc :slight_smile:

UPDATE: This problem has been fixed! If you build the GitLab version, there should be no problem anymore.

I use Manjaro, so I build this AUR version. This also works just fine, since it uses GitLab as a source.

I have this problem with shoutcast v1 on Ubuntu 20. Any suggestions? Mixxx is useless to me without the ability to broadcast. (oh, and my friend is running Manjaro, same issue)