Super knob, mixing filter and echo together

hello, people,

i come from pioneer hw perspective, and i don’t understand some things in mixxx, and it prevents me from being efficient.

i’d like to be able to use two filters simultaneosly - echo and let’s say moog filter.

my understanding is, that moog filter is not affecting the sound when the knob “looks” upwards.

echo filter is not affecting the sound when the knob “looks” to the minimum value, counter clockwise as far as possible.

so in mixx there is this superknob idea, one knob to enable/disable selected filters.

i cannot use that superknob to mix filter and echo, or reverb, because to start from minimum, one knob, that controls the “echo” should be moving from that far counter clockwise position, clockwise, but “hi/low pass filter” should be moving from its default (upwards) clockwise or counterclockwise.

and all the knobs are controlled simultaneously, it means it doesn’t seem possible to me to mix this moog filter and echo, for example.

i have no idea how to deal with this. or how people do that.

This is implemented in the default presets in

You can do the same thing in earlier versions of Mixxx by adjusting the meta/superknob linking yourself:



depending what you want to do.

thank you!

mmm, i think i understood.

can you also explain why keeping filter in default position (upwards) and just enabling and disabling it with default settings (like on your third image) is affecting the sound?

shouldn’t that default position mean - no effect?