Syncing external devices

some weeks ago I came across these very cute micro-synths called Pocket Operators. I was lucky to fish some of them out of the bay and finally added a Korg NTS-1 to make even more noise, not to forget the moog theremin that I already had in the shelf.
I was able to sync all these thingies via click-track and was even able to route the sum output into MIXXX, incredible - the MIXXX effect section gives endless possibiities to this weird setup.
The next step would be the possibility to sync the synths with MIXXX.
As mentioned, the PO´s and the NTS are synced via clicktrack with the little Korg as primary source.
So, IMHO there are two possible ways to achieve this:
1: clicktrack
with the metronome effect there is already a way to get a clicktrack - like signal,
Or, maybe better, record a standard clicktrack, load it into a sampler and sync the sampler to the running track.
The problem is: how can I route this signal to a special output
(interface with at least 4+ outputs )
2. MIDI clock
As the Korg NTS is a MIDI device this might be the better way.
MIXXX send Midi clock to the NTS - NTS sends clicktrack to PO´s.
Is there anybody elso outthere who is doing similar things ?

We have started working on MIDI clock sync but there are still substantial technical challenges to resolve.

MIDI clock sync would be veeery nice. But probably it’s also possible to have a second midi clock running, that can get synced with a jogwheel and tempo fader? So you would need to “beatmatch” your synths with mixxx. Probably there’s no finished thing available, but maybe easier to do then fixing the substential technical challenges in mixxx. And at least Richie Hawtin prefers having them run with their own clocks, to give it something human and something to keep him busy :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking of a small programm that can receive midi from a controller (jogwheel/tempo fader) and sends out a midi clock. At least that’s what I think about doing for my own setup. I would looove to hookup seq66, maybe even sooperlooper with mixxx.

I had to hit DuckDuckGo re’ Korg NTs-1. It has sync’ i/o, so there is a way. I use a Korg Electribe2s, a Korg Monotribe, & a TE PO-12 Rhythm in my home studio, with Mixxx controlled via a KaossDJ on a dedicated computer(my recording computer runs Reaper with two M-Audio Delta1010lt soundcards). MIDI sync’ is easy enough with, for example, Cockos’ Reaper(E2s has USB-MIDI, and sync’ i/o), but in the absence of reliable MIDI sync’, sending any audio that bops along with the “1,2,3,4” to a dedicated audio output ought’ suffice for sync’ via Mixxx(eg, a metronome out’ would do the trick). Dedicated routes ought’ be achievable via Mixxx audio settings…

Hi Rogue , your setup sounds very similar to mine and I think we are trying to do the same thing - mixing existing tracks with live created - let´s say noise - from our external sources.
The combination of the NTS1 with the PO´s is awesome, I have drum machines, 16x16 sequencers, samplers - and all these are already synced.
My experiments of syncing the synths with MIXXX with a clicktrack failed.
First I tried to use the MIXXX internal metronome effect, but this didn´t work.
For the next test I recorded the clicktrack signal from the PO, load this into a MiXXX deck and send the MIXXX output to the sync in of the PO, but again - not working.
So, for now I will keep to practice manual beatmatching and think of new ideas while making weird noises

While writing the above I had a new idea,
the Korg NTS-1 has a sync in and sync out jack for clicktrack syncing, so I sent the MIXXX out of the recordedd track to the korgs sync in - voila - it works ! It seems that the detection of the korg is more tolerant to not very correct clicktrack signal.
So - here is my new sync-everything setup

  • play the recorded clicktrack in a MIXXX Deck as loop
  • MIXXX output to korg sync in
  • korg sync out to a simple splitter
  • splitter to Pocket operators sync in

at this point I can do the following
I use one of the four decks for the sync track,
this is routed through the headphone out to the synths.
Now I can load music in the decks 1-3, sync them with deck 4.
The down side is, I can´t use the headphones

now I have to MAKE NOISE :slight_smile: