Syntax for Keyboard mapping

i want to customize my keyboardmapping but i don’t know the Syntax. Specially i mean the Range if the command isn’t binary.

Maybe a simple example: I want to Reset the pitch.


Re: your example

rate_set_zero Alt+0

Resets pitch rate for channel 1 by pressing Alt+0
For a list of controls that can be used in the keyboard mapping, see the MixxxControls topic in the Mixxx Wiki. Also see this sticky [url]]

Hope it helps, jus

Thank you.
But there is a little bug. If I integrate this command for Channel 1, some other commands won’t work. If I insert it as the last command - it is alright. Channel 2 is without this bug.

My next question is: When i want to set it’s to 0.1, how i do this?

Or is anywhere a FAQ about the Syntax?