Techno/Ambient // Forest Sounds

It was time to record a set again, as I found a new style that I like quite a bit. Hypnotic & synthetic sounds embedded into an organic ambient.

Not sure of the exact tracklist as it was a jam I recorded, sometimes loops on up to 4 decks. If you’re interested in a specific track, i can figure that out.

Mixxx records this automatically in the history playlists.

I know but not with my setup. Or to phrase it differently, the history contains every track that i loaded into a deck during my jam, which is a lot with my style of playing (i jump through tracks until i find one where i feel it could fit, then i try it, then i probably ditch it and continue my search). As I route all the decks through my xone 96 mixer, all the faders are on 100% and that’s probably what mixxx uses to determine if a track is actually getting played. A solution would be to get the xone96 mapping to work and use it.