Ancient Methods - A German Love (Vocal extacted with Spleeter)
Alek S - Sweatbox (Sascha Rydell Remix)
Shai T - Steps of Innocence
Kellerkind - Metropolis (Original Mix)
Metrika - Yo Nací (Matanza Remix)
Yan Cook - Blades
Deano - Rover
KUSP - Aeon
Edward Ean - A Different World
Ejeca - Shown Up (Original Mix)
Rene Wise - Windrunner (Original Mix)
Lund & Rønde - Fisker-G-Lactic (feat. Fiskee)
Sept - Script (Original Mix)
Jaraossa - Modularz
Kwartz - Path Of Authority
Sept - Hold The Trigger (Original Mix)
Truncate - Timbre (Original Mix)
Rumah And Progression - Speak Spell
BEC - Black Onyx (Original Mix)
Arnaud Le Texier - Catharsis
KOLDE - Closed Eyes (Bryan Chapman Remix)
Moteka - Daneel Olivaw (Original Mix)
Rosetá - Looking In Retrospect
Eric Fetcher - Transition (Original Mix)
Antonio De Angelis - Kristal Large (Exium Remix)
Michel Lauriola - Wave Collision (Original Mix)
Edone - Aerial
Bastian Bux - Oracle (Original Mix)
Drug4u, Valde Bene - Amoeba (Original Mix)
Alex Mine - New Odyssey (Original Mix)
Giorgia Angiuli - Take Me Back (Original mix)
Pierre Blanche, Marco K (AU), Hushkin - The Second Birth (Original Mix)
Carbon - Controlling Your Mind
Lolla Tek - To Horizon (Original Mix)

Controller: MixxxFighter (GitHub - Jikstra/dj-controller-mixxxfighter: A DIY DJ controller built from trash, aimed for mixxx)
Mixer: DJM 900 NXS2
Mixxx obviously for playing/looping
Ardour for recording back from the mixer
Spleeter for extracting the vocal from “A german love”

The beautiful picture for the cover is taken from PortraitOfPerversion, you can find the original post here:…led_is_ready_for/ . Obviously NSFW.

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You can use the Record/Broadcast input in Mixxx for this. There’s no need to have a separate program running.

I found that too but I couldn’t easily check the meters from inside mixxx. For some reason the output from the record port is wayyy to load and is completely distorted if the gain knobs are on 12 o clock. I saw this already in some mixes online, so might be a problem of the djm mixer.