Temp file cleanup?

I have some tracks with some dead space at the front/back. So, I trimmed them with Audacity, saved them over the original file and rescanned library in Mixxx but the dead air is still there. The file with the dead air is gone, why is the edited file not showing up? Is there some temp files I need to clear or ?? I’ve even restarted/rescanned several times.

Figured it out. “Analyze.” :smiley:

In Mixxx 2.3 there is a new feature that automatically analyzes for silence at the beginning and end of files and marks them with the intro start and outro end cues so you can cut them out automatically.

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Ok, so I downloaded the Beta and wow - that is amazing!!! That saves me sooooo much work!!! At least I don’t have to trim them asap, I can take my time and not be in a rush. Y’all do amazing work!

Never re-encode files that use lossy encodings like MP3 and AAC (MP4/M4A)! Only edit and re-encode lossless files (FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF) if needed.

Notable exception: For MP3 there is/was mp3DirectCut. Update: Just noticed that it is still developed and also supports AAC via FFmpeg now.

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The reason why you shouldn’t reencode files in a lossy format (e. g. by editing them in Audacity) is that every time you do that, the quality will degrade. This phenomenon is called “Generation Loss”: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_loss