Tempo and BPM tap error

Hi guys,

I ran into some trouble: I pressed the bpm repeatedly (as explained in the pop-up) to see what it does and it just increased to a huge number and left me without the possibility to lower it again.

Now I’m stuck with it and there’s no way of resetting it back to normal. I also can’t properly sync the other songs in the decks because of it, everything is completely off.

I tried reinstalling the app but nothing changed.

Can you please help me fix it or understand the mechanisms to get it working?

Many thanks!

Don’t reinstall because you messed up the BPM of one track

From the track menu you can reset all track properties (or open the properties dialog and edit).
It’s pops up if you right-click any deck label of that track, or right-click that track in the library.

Btw, simply tapping slower didn’t fix it?

Thanks ronso, worked like a charm.
I wouldn’t have guessed clicking the track title would trigger another pop-up menu