The mic button in version 2.3.0 is unstable

The mic button is either ‘sticky’ (turns itself on and immediately back off again in a single click) or it randomly turns itself off a few seconds after turning it on, often mid-broadcast.

are you talking about any of the TALK buttons?
or about the mic DUCKING button?

none of those will magically toggle itself.
if you use a controller make sure the “mic” button is working correctly.
by default Mixxx keyboard shortcuts are enabled. I guess you accidentally hit the TALK key for mic1. if you don’t use them turn this off in the Options menu.

Sorry, I meant to say the talk button. It turns itself off with the latest version of Mixxx

This has happened 10-20 times now. Dead air has become a feature of my radio shows since I started using the latest version. I promise you it isn’t user error.

there’s also no way that button would turn itself off.

which skin do you use?

it could be that the Mic itself is unplugged for a second, that would turn off TALK, but in that case I doubt it would reconfigure itself.

so keyboard shortcuts OFF?
NO controller with mic button?
the mouse pointer is NOT on the Talk button when the magic happens?