Total time of Auto DJ Tracks

I was wondering if it is possible in a future release to add the total track time for all tracks in Auto DJ e.g. Auto DJ (00:00:00) as it is displayed in Playlists and Crates.

When adding random tracks from your crate sources it is nice to know how much time you have before needing to add more if for some reason I was not in front of the Laptop.

Sure, I could eyeball all of the track times and estimate but it would be a nice “to have”.


As a workaround in the short-term, I believe if you select all of the tracks (click on one and Ctrl+A, for example), a total time counter for the selected tracks will appear.

not seeing that in 2.2.3

Its a handy idea, especially for broadcasters. Of course it has to re-calculate often, due to crossfader and playlist changes. the one workaround I’ve found is to make a new playlist, and copy the section you want total time for from auto dj into the playlist. the playlist entry shows total time

Okay, thanks - I was sure it had been around for a little while but it must be a 2.3 feature (I only have access to 2.3-beta at the moment so can’t check on earlier versions).

Custom events (such as the examples you gave) could allow for calculaton of track times instantly. I dont think there is a need to update the time remaining up to the second. I guess it could be given as an option (turned off by default) with the warning that using such an option will increase CPU utilization.

It would only need to be recalculated on track start and/or finish, to pick up changes based on microphone breaks and auto dj playlist changes. Its very do-able.

There’s lots of stuff that would be nice to have, but we’re just a small team with limited time.

If you want to implement this, go ahead. Make sure to open a draft PR early on to get feedback.

I do not think there is a way to implement this correctly without completely rewriting AutoDJ. The best that is possible without that would be a crude estimate which must be clearly marked as such so users don’t make the mistake of relying on it.