Tracks won't load onto decks

I’m on the more stable version for MacOS. Whenever I have the app open, the app seams laggy, choppy and slow but everything else is fine. On top of that, it won’t let me drag sounds from the loader onto any of the decks? Not sure if theres a key command I can try but when I right click on a track > Load to > Deck all the options are greyed out and won’t let me interact.

Oh, also if I load a lot of songs to the library it won’t let em scroll through them also.

which versions of macOS and Mixxx are you using?

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve watched some videos and realised I’ve probably installed it wrong (didn’t know you had to have a mp3 encoder for it.

I’m running MacOS BigSur (11.something) and the stable version of Mixxx (12.something I think).

There is no Mixxx 12.something. 2.2.4 is stable, but for Big Sur I recommend 2.3 beta, which fixes many issues and also ships with an mp3 encoder (although that’s only needed for recording/broadcasting, not playback).

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@hlzhs oouuuh yes there is Mixxx / [Mixxx-devel] Mixxx 1.12 Beta Released

@Iplay4u Nowadays Mixxx 2.3beta something is the beat. give it a shot:

If you’re indeed still running Mixxx 1.12 it’s probably a good idea to back up your settings and your library first since it’s quite a jump from there to 2.3 and your library might get messed up during the update

My mistake sorry it is the 2.2.4 version I’m using? I’ll try the beta version and see how that works