Traktmixxx (forked from RoundCorners)

Hi everybody!

Using my quarantine time I forked and edited the amazing theme RoundCorners from @22degrees (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9443), I liked a lot the interface of the new Traktor DJ 2, so I wanted to create a similar skin, RoundCorners proved to be the most completed and best explained theme available, so I took it as the base for this project.

There are still some things to edit but I think it is already usable. Let me know if you find any bugs. (399 KB)


Nice skin, I like the colors better as in the original, but up there the toolbar is intuitively better to use. Also some more contrast would be nicer.

  • The latency is very nervous in this skin
  • Waveform above is a bit too big for me, maybe it should be scalable.
  • In the effect rack the selection is unclear, why 2x at all and with the graphic EQ, for example, not all controls are visible

it is the best skin i ever try! i really like traktor but this skin is awsome

can you change this?
change the waveforms ot the four decks to RGB (purple and blue i refere)
add cover art at every deck (as a optional thing to on/off)

i think it will be nice

i am on discord all the time, if you want feedback at the time let me know

i really like your job man

@intialonso This is looking nice. Did you fork this on github, whats your repo? I have time on my hands, i might wanna have a look.

Thanks for this skin, I love it.
I think that the skin induce a bug with live broadcasting. Is that possible ?
I cannot broadcast since I activated it…
Here is a part of my log :

I don’t think there should be a relation between switching the skin and streaming not working.

What I see in that log is that it is able to connect to the streaming server, but then it gets disconnected for some reason (which doesn’t appear in the log).

Thanks for your answer, and yes ! I thought it was not working, but it was !
However stream icon turns green and then quickly turn off, but it keeps streaming. I was the one turning it off because I thought it was disconnected. So the only bug here is the icon not staying green while streaming.

EDIT : I did find the problem : from Shade skin, I can see there is no 2 but 5 states for broadcast, and 2 is for ON and not 1 which is for connecting.
I made an orange icon for connecting state and a red one for error (I don’t know what 5 warning stand for…).
The resulting skin is attached.
Is there a git repo for this skin for me to pull request ?

Traktmixxx / RoundCorners skin with 2 states

<PushButton> <ObjectName>Btn-br</ObjectName> <TooltipId>broadcast_enabled</TooltipId> <Size>50f,45f</Size> <NumberStates>2</NumberStates> <State> <!-- BROADCAST OFF --> <Number>0</Number> <Pressed>button/btn_broadcast1.svg</Pressed> <Unpressed>button/btn_broadcast1.svg</Unpressed> <Text></Text> </State> <State> <!-- BROADCAST ON--> <Number>1</Number> <Pressed>button/btn_broadcast2.svg</Pressed> <Unpressed>button/btn_broadcast2.svg</Unpressed> <Text></Text> </State> <Connection> <ConfigKey>[Shoutcast],enabled</ConfigKey> <ButtonState>LeftButton</ButtonState> </Connection> <Connection> <ConfigKey>[Shoutcast],status</ConfigKey> <ConnectValueFromWidget>false</ConnectValueFromWidget> </Connection> </PushButton>

My mod with 4 states

<PushButton> <ObjectName>Btn-br</ObjectName> <TooltipId>broadcast_enabled</TooltipId> <Size>50f,45f</Size> <NumberStates>4</NumberStates> <State> <!-- BROADCAST OFF --> <Number>0</Number> <Pressed>button/btn_broadcast1.svg</Pressed> <Unpressed>button/btn_broadcast1.svg</Unpressed> <Text></Text> </State> <State> <!-- BROADCAST CONNECTING --> <Number>1</Number> <Pressed>button/btn_broadcast2.svg</Pressed> <Unpressed>button/btn_broadcast2.svg</Unpressed> <Text></Text> </State> <State> <!-- BROADCAST ON--> <Number>2</Number> <Pressed>button/btn_broadcast3.svg</Pressed> <Unpressed>button/btn_broadcast3.svg</Unpressed> <Text></Text> </State> <State> <!-- BROADCAST ERROR--> <Number>3</Number> <Pressed>button/btn_broadcast4.svg</Pressed> <Unpressed>button/btn_broadcast4.svg</Unpressed> <Text></Text> </State> <Connection> <ConfigKey persist="true">[Shoutcast],enabled</ConfigKey> <ButtonState>LeftButton</ButtonState> </Connection> <Connection> <ConfigKey persist="true">[Shoutcast],status</ConfigKey> <ConnectValueFromWidget>false</ConnectValueFromWidget> </Connection> </PushButton> (397 KB)

Tried installing this skin on Mixxx 2.3-r7529 and each time I try activating it, the software crashes. I’m running Mixxx on MacOS 10.14 on a 15" 2011 Macbook Pro. Screen resolution is 1440 x 900 if it’s of any importance. Help! I’d really like to use this skin. It looks so good! Thanks!

earlier in 2.3 we found that some ways to construct (and embed) the scrillimg waveforms made Mixxx crash with certain macOS versions.
you could try other waveform types in the preferences, though no guarantuee this prevents the crash : /

can you switch between all the official skins without Mixxx crashing?

Thanks again! Let me try it out that way and give feedback.

Nice! Is it me, or do the Fonts not scale up properly in the Library? Seems like I can’t make them real large. I’m on 2.3.0 Beta

the library font is set explicitely in Preferences > Library
you can also change it with your keyboard or controller[Library]-font_size_increment

Trackmixxx -

Gudron -

Exact same Fonts - Roboto Medium Regular 16pt - but other fonts do the same thing. No matter the font size selected, it does not display much larger in Trackmixx. I can make it huge in Gudron.

Mixxx 2.3.0 Beta, Windows 10, 17" 1600x900 laptop.

So - am I doing something wrong or “do the Fonts not scale up properly in the Library”?

so Traktmixxx is setting the font in its stylesheet (inline or external qss) and thereby renders the Mixxx setting ineffective. Check skin.xml for which stylesheet file is used and look for WLibrary or WTracktable.