Traktor HID controller and parallel installation of Traktor 3 software

I’ve installed both, Mixxx and Traktor 3 software on my Windows system. And I use a Native Instrument Traktor Z2 controller using an HID mapping for Mixxx.

There’s always a SYSTEM process
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Hardware*NIHardwareService.exe*
running, which somehow communicates with the hardware controller, even if the Traktor 3 software wasn’t started at all.

This interferes with the LED control of the Z2. To get my Mixxx HID mapping work, I need to use Administrator rights to kill this process.

Do other users with NI hardware experienced the same problem?

What’s the best way, to handle this case in a controller mapping?

I expect this to be the standard case for a new user, who installs Mixxx for trial. With the interfering NIHardwareService process, his first user expierence would be very disapointing.

For now, I suggest to put it on the wiki/manual page and add it to the mapping description in the XML file.