Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3

That’s a bug in Mixxx. There seems to be a race condition between the script getting loaded and the skin creating that ControlObject. You can work around it by reloading the script, which you can do by just saving the file again in a text editor, or restarting Mixxx.

Thanks for letting me know.
How long does it usually take for code to be included in the (2.4) nightlies?

That’s highly variable. The mapping won’t be merged until the effect chain preset branch is merged and we have at least something working for the jog wheels.

I highly recommend to color code the mixer columns with aftermarket knob and fader caps. I am using yellow, red, blue, and purple Chroma Caps from DJTechTools. If you choose different colors, edit the deckColors array at the top of the script to match yours. This does not just look pretty; it is really useful for keeping track of which deck you are manipulating and which mixer column it corresponds to, so make sure you choose colors that are distinct and easy to see. I don’t think I’ll be making embarrassing errors pressing a button on the wrong deck with this, which was an occasional issue with my Xone K2. I also replaced the encoder caps with white ones to make them easier to see in the dark.

If you’re thinking of buying this controller, I recommend getting it from DJTechTools because Chroma Caps are included in the price. You’ll have to ask them specifically for the Chroma Cap colors you want because the store web page assumes you want all the caps to be the same color.

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I also recommend the Magma hard shell case for this controller which DJTechTools also sells. Because it is the same size as the controller, it also works as a stand to elevate it a little from the table. With this case, it fits easily in my large hiking backpack. Native Instruments also sells a flight case but that is much bigger, heavier (19lb / 8.62kg, twice as heavy as the controller!) and surely would not fit in a backpack.

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I am storing mine in a Magma Carry Lite DJ-Case XXL. Heavier but nicely fits the Decksaver, though not the power supply without compromising protection.

Didn’t have time for testing recently. Also need to find a place for unboxing the controller permanently :sweat_smile:

Ok, good to know. I’ll check again in a few months

I got the jog wheels including the LEDs and motors working with some caveats.

Short demo video

Wow!!! You’re moving fast now :wink:
are those jog wheels modifications already included in the Traktor-Kontrol-S4-MK3.js, ie only thing I need to do is update the .js file or do i need to get other code?

Yes the changes are only in the JS file.

I recently bought the native instruments traktor S4 mk3.
Now I’m trying to connect it to Mixxx, but unfortunately I can’t get a mapping file from anywhere.
Can you help me?

Thanks, looking forward to testing the wheels this weekend :man_dancing:

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Amazing what you’ve achieved. I’ve not tested the wheels much yet, but looking great so far. Thank you!

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A few changes I just pushed:

  • Shift + master/sync adjust the range of the tempo fader
  • The LED next to the center of the tempo fader turns green when the software value is above the hardware position and white when the software value is below the hardware position. When you move the hardware fader to match the software value, the LED will turn off. When exactly centered, it still shows the deck color. Let me know what you think of these color choices; I tried to make them distinct from all the deck colors. You can adjust them at the top of the script.
  • The motor speed is closer to 33 1/3 RPM so the LED stays more aligned with the motion of the wheel.
  • Nudging the edge of the jog wheel without the motor on is much less sensitive.

I still have not figured out a way to get nudging the edge of the wheel with the motor on and scratching both working.

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Thank you for the changes. Haptic feel is much improved I feel.
One small bit: here the tempo fader turns green when the software value is BELOW the hardware position and white when the software value is ABOVE. But that might be the way you intended it anyway.
Let me know if I can help with any specific testing if useful. Appreciate your continued work!!!

I’m not sure what you mean. I haven’t figured out how to implement haptic feedback. I tried watching the outgoing HID messages from Traktor when the haptic feedback occurs but I did not identify anything unique in the HID messages that only occurs with haptic feedback.

:man_shrugging: I guess I wrote the description backwards.

The version I pushed yesterday had a major bug with soft takeover not working for the Quick Effect knobs. The current version has that fixed.

I meant that touching the spinners has more of a “touching vinyl on a turntable” feel to it than with the previous iteration, ie the spinners don’t come to a halt completely or run off into the distance when I slow down/speed up the spinners.

:smiley: i assumed the description was upside down

@Fayaaz got one of these controllers and gave some feedback. After discussing with him, I decided to make the Filter button a fifth FX SELECT button. This allows for loading the Filter effect chain preset with the Filter button, but you have to move it to the fifth spot in the list in the Effects preferences yourself. This also allows for selecting up to 25 effect chain presets with combinations of buttons. 16 was already more than I knew what to do with. :laughing: The LEDs only have 16 base colors but there are 4 brightness levels for each color and the highest brightness level is sometimes a bit different color rather than just brighter, so I used the brightness levels to have 25 different colors, although they don’t all look very distinct.

I also fixed a bug in the effect chain preset branch that was preventing dragging & dropping in the preferences the autogenerated presets that have a single effect, so rebuild that branch if you haven’t recently.

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