Traktor S2 MK 2

Hello, I am using the latest version on MIXXX, a Traktor S2 MK 2 and a Beringer UMC22 . I run a radio show and MIXXX and the hardware work ok. They sound great. However I only have limited functionality from the Traktor. I can select tracks, mix channels and thats about it. What I really need is (in old money) pre fade listening. I cannot listen to tracks before they are broadcasted live. Any ideas how I can solve this problem.

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Please read the manual page for this controller and set up the sound devices accordingly: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 — Mixxx User Manual

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Unless you’re using a condenser mic which requires phantom power, you don’t need the UMC22 and can just use the mic input on the Kontrol S2 Mk2. I don’t know how the sound quality of the mic inputs of those two devices compares though.

Do the CUE buttons light up if you press the counterpart in the GUI? (usually that with the headphone icon in the respective mixer channel)

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Thank you for your message. Re. your question, I think the Beringer gives a warmer sound than that achieved by the soundcard in the Traktor. It’s also so much easier to control the levels with a box on top of the monitor speaker rather than the tiny volume control on the front of the mixing desk.



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Hi Ronso,

I have sorted it out. My stupid mistake. I missed a drop down menu on MIXXX - called effects - now I can access most of the features on the Traktor. Also the headphone incon lights I and I can you the split function to listen to either channel before playing live.

You must get tired of idiots like me who can’t read user manual’s!!

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