Transfering cue points to another device


I would like to know if it is possible to transfer the set cue points to another device. I have tried to do it but I did not manage to. The only info I could find was a thread from 2016 saying that it’s a work in progress. If it can be done, I would like to know how, and if not is it realistic to expect it any soon? What I mean specifically is writing cue points to the metadata of songs on the usb drive.

Thank you

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Do you mean Relink the transfered library, or export to MP3-Files:

You could test our “export to Serato metadata” feature. This writes cue points/beatgrid to the file tags (e. g. ID3).

The code is not yet in 2.3/main and still experimental: Add support for exporting Serato Tags by Holzhaus · Pull Request #3409 · mixxxdj/mixxx · GitHub
You could grab a build and test it: Testing · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki · GitHub

If you use these builds and tick the “export serato metadata” checkbox in the preferences, you can use “Export to file tags” to write the tags. On another computer, Mixxx should import that data when the track is loaded.

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I will try that, thank you.

That seems like the solution, but I kindly ask you for some advice what exactly should I do to set it up.

You need to download and install the build from the Pull Request I linked above. Check the wiki link I posted for instructions where to find the files.

Then open Mixxx, open the library preferences, tick the “Export Serato Metadata” checkbox. Then right click on a track and select “Export Metadata to file tags”. Note that metadata export might be postponed until Mixxx was closed, so better close mixxx before copying the file to a usb stick.

On the other computer, you need a recent build of Mixxx 2.3 beta. You can download Mixxx 2.3 beta from the website (or even install the same build I linked above if you also want to export from the other computer, not only import).
Then load the track into a deck and it should work out of the box in theory (if the track is not yet part of your mixxx library). If the track is already in your library and just just overwrote the file, you need to right-click on the track in Mixxx and reimport metadata from file tags.

If that doesn’t work, let me know here or comment directly on the PR.

Thank you, I will try it and let you know if it worked.