Troubleshoot Keyfinder Failing / Not Returning a Key

I’ve built 2.3 with keyfinder support locally (Ubuntu Studio 20.04) and it’s been going well. Since I’ve done so I’ve had two or three songs that simply refuse to return a key. Other analysis values are going through just fine, but the key remains unfilled.

Is there an easy way to troubleshoot where this is happening or errors that might be returned. I didn’t see anything obvious in the .log file and haven’t looked at a backtrace just yet. Wanted to ask before I got too deep in the weeds.

KeyFinder sometimes is not able to determine the key. In these cases, the key is left blank rather than marking an inaccurate guess.

I’m guessing that’s a configuration setting as I never had this happen with the key finder app, which is what lead me to the assumption that an error had occurred.

Thank you.