Two Pi 3+ Midi / One deck each / external mixer

Was not sure how to title this but i originally was looking at the Pi Deck DVS. I like that project but sadly it needs to be used as a DVS and has no midi support.

The guys over at Pi deck directed me here.

Im new to all this and wondering. Can the layout be customised to make it just one deck? Will be using external mixer. Loading tracks from a usb

Im trying to make one raspbery pi into a simple one deck player with a midi controller with an arduino micro or buttons/knobs straight to he pi, housed in the same case.
• A joystick up down for track list scrolling.
• left dirrection toggle view deck/track list
• right dirrection load track
• tempo fader
• jog wheel
• cue
• play/pause

Found the topic for 1deck. Press spacebar on the editor and it turns into preview deck. Perfect

Take a look at Skin for small screens (WIP)

I suggest using an encoder for this instead of a joystick.