Unable to configure audio for Mixx

I use Windows 10 and have a logitech USB headset. I am trying to use MIXX to DJ in Second Life. Unfortunately, as soon as I log in, I immediately get this message: Mixx was unable to access all the configured sound devices. Another application is using a sound device Miss is configured to use or a device is not plugged in.

No matter what I do to my audio settings, this continues to happen and I’m not sure why. I can’t even get to the dashboard or the main screen of MIXX because of this and I’m going out of my mind trying to fix it. Can anyone help?


You may not be able to use your headset with every sound API. Try selecting different sound APIs.

Thanks for replying! I appreciate it. I have tried every API option…it’s just not working. I used to use SAM, but I can’t anymore and I have heard really great things about MIXX … I’m just hoping I can figure this out and get it to start working.

Are you able to select your headset as an option for the Master or Headphones outputs? If you get an error when pressing the Apply button, please attach your mixxx.log file.

Did this get solved? I’m having the exact same issue…