Unable to live broadcast on Ubuntu 21.04

I’m using Mixxx 2.2.4 on Ubuntu and have set up all my details using the same setting as Mixxx from Win 10. I dual boot and on Windows I have no problems at all. My password, stream details, port settings and login are all entered correctly. I’ve actually checked with my stream provider in case my password changed and even deleted the password and retyped it under both Ubuntu and Windows to make sure.
Identical settings on both but when trying to connect under Ubuntu linux it says to check username/password and internet connection.
All are correct. I’ve done this same setup many times with different versions of Linux so I have no idea what the problem is.
Is it a problem with 21.04? In the past I’ve always installed the latest Mixxx from PPA but 2.2.4 is in the Ubuntu repository now so I didn’t need to.

MP3 codec issue? I’m not 100% on this, but it doesn’t have an mp3 codec to encode to the error message is pretty generic. 2.2.4 didn’t include a codec (if memory serves) because of licensing, but that isn’t the case in 2.3.

Honestly, 2.3 is super stable (I haven’t had an issue or a crash in at least six months) and has some excellent new features. Might be worth considering going up to the beta.

Hi thanks for the reply. I did check for the mp3 codec and when doing the usual apt install was told I already had the latest version installed.
If I recall, other times when I’ve forgotten that it tells me to install mp3 support.
I might just uninstall and try 2.3 if it’s stable enough.

Yes, try 2.3
The libshout version that is used by 2.2.4 is broken, 2.3 uses libshout 2.4.1

Please let us know if that works for you.

Yes, 2.3 is working. Thank you :grinning: