Unwanted tracks in library

I do not want MIXX to raid every sound file in my computer when It starts up, and thats what it is doing. Its totally obnoxious. In the preferences it asks to specify a music directory. Why? Whats the point if it doesn’t do anything. It just loads everything. I shouldn’t have to use crates ALL THE TIME. And when I do want to load crates I don’t want to sort through EVERYTHING. The stupid thing even loads regions from GarageBand into the Library. If it asks me for a place from which to load the library, thats exactly what I expect it to do. Its forcing me to go through this ridiculous hiding and organizing for nothing. I have an external hard drive for the music I want to use for MIXX. So, wtf? Stay out of iTunes dammit, and everywhere else I DON’T want it. I’ve read the Manuel and its useless for this.

You need calm down and take a step back.
I understand the frustration when things don’t work the way you want the too.

But this is not the way you get people to help you; people who are doing this on their time for free, on an open source project.

Nowhere have you mentioned what os you are running, what version of Mixxx you are running, screenshots of your library preferences etc.
Stuff that could help people actually help you.


Hello NYAA,

Thank you for your feedback, and acknowledgment of my frustration. The question(s) were of basic functionality of the platform, on any OS. Settable preferences and outcomes. I just downloaded the platform last month. 2.3.0. and I happen to be using a Mac. Now, I request MIXX scan a specific music directory in the library preferences, apply, rescan, and…it doesn’t do anything but keep loading everything into the library. ? As is, it doesn’t seem to be working properly. Is it a Bug? Glitch?

Thank you,

Once you added stuff the the library, it doesn’t suddenly disappear once you change the music directory.

You either have to delete/hide them from the library yourself: 4. The Mixxx Library — Mixxx User Manual

As an alternative, you could also delete the whole Mixxx database file to start from scratch.

Right, that’s the issue. It doesn’t make sense that it keeps piling into the library whatever music is on the computer with no way to remove it. The direction to “rescan” after selecting directories highly suggests it would scan and load what is desired and that only, so there is a confusion point there. A strong suggestion would be to fix this so its not a one way street, and rescanning can add or remove directories as desired, since deleting and hiding is simply time consuming and tedious. Deleting a database, is not ideal as the usability of the interface is what I’m hoping gets a fixer upper. One possibility is to use the “computer” drop down menu as an access point to load the library with certain song locations, like a flash drive or separate hard drive.

Thank you

I literally posted a link to the manual where it’s explained how to remove tracks from the library.

It’s possible to have tracks outside the music directory inside your library, e.g. If you load a file via the computer sidebar item or drag and drop a file from the file browser. Therefore we cannot just remove everything outside the current music directory from the library.

It would be possible to “hide” files that are not in the current music dir automatically, but that would be also confusing as well. On first start, Mixxx asks you to set up a music directory. Just select the correct directory there, not one with files that you don’t want to add. And if you selected the wrong directory, simply remove the unwanted tracks afterwards.

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To simplify track selection (either in Tracks or Hidden) you may use operators in the searchbox.
All tracks not in /Music/mmumu: -location: /Music/mmumu


<<I literally posted a link to the manual where it’s explained how to remove tracks from the library.>>
Wow, and that process is exactly what I’m citing as highly inefficient. I already said the manual doesn’t have a solution. I explicitly pointed out that going through every audio file in the library manually makes no sense, and who would want to have to do that when the pre-selection of track source locations could be possible. “simply” removing the unwanted tracks does not address the issue. Doing a simple thing a couple of hundred times (plus) drops the qualification of simple.

via developers I’ve had multiple solutions proposed that go around the issue I’m citing, none of which acknowledge that a user is forced to waste tons of time after the library build automatically does what it does. It literally has all the regions in it from Logic. Hundreds of them…audio files down to 2 seconds. I’m a house DJ and I dont want to have to manually remove Roy Orbison compilations from my library.
hlzhs proposes going in and deleting the whole database, after I stated the manual didn’t help, then pointed me to the manual. And Ronso suggested " To Simplity" track selection use the operators to set up an exclusion set, which again is the roundabout and inefficient way, as well as something that would have to be done every time.
If these are solutions…solutions exist for a problem. Not being able to Set MIXX preferences to specify load locations as the library source so that it stays set is where the issue lies. Setting something “at first start” that is not reversible doesnt makes sense, nor is the fact that it automatically scans iTunes whether you like it or not. I hope this, as I understand it’s supposed to, helps to improve the next version. I like MIXX, I’d just like to see it work better for everyone. Thank you.

We have two cases here:
1 selected and scanned the wrong music folder
2 play and store tracks from outside the configured music folder

Hide tracks of 2 from the libary to faciltate dealing with 1?
Prevent a valid use case just to faclitate dealing with user error?
Okay, that’s opinion. Though, keeping exaggarating the proposed solution would take ages like a hundred times / for each song is wrong and ignorant.

For users who run into that issue of unwanted tracks in the library / chosen the wrong music directory earlier, below are detailed steps to fix it.
Those likely take less than a minute, depending on how long the rescans take.

  • You chose /home/You/Music_old/ as music folder, let Mixxx scan that folder. Mixxx populated the library with all tracks in that folder and subfolders of course

:man_facepalming: Foo, that was the wrong folder!

  • open Preferences > Library > Music Directories:
    remove /home/wrong/Music_old/, add /home/Right/Music/, rescan
    = library still holds tracks from /home/Right/Music_old/
  • in Tracks, issue a search with -location: /home/Right/Music/
    to show all tracks not in /home/Right/Music/
  • select all tracks, right-click on them, chose “Hide tracks from library” from the context menu
    = tracks table is empty
  • clear the searchbox
    = only tracks from /home/Right/Music/ are listed

If you want to completely purge the unwanted tracks from your library

  • go to Tracks > Hidden, click “Select All”, click “Purge”
  • done :dancer:

@Housenatural I think the suggestions here have been more than helpful for your current situation. I actually partially agree with you here; begrudgingly because of the way your points come across.

  1. 1st of all the manual has instructions on how to deal with removing directories in the preferences. Delete Track Metadata works & removes unwanted directories and library tracks for me! In all your searching did you see this? Did you try it and did it not work? Is trying to remove an old directory how you ended up in your current situation?
    Refer to the “Remove a music directory” section of the manual at this link

  2. In case you selected ‘Leave tracks Unchanged’ or If you loaded a file via the computer sidebar item or dragged &dropped a file from the file browser & it’s now in your library (this behavior happens in Serato too, I checked, so it looks like a defacto standard), ronso’s workflow works.
    I agree that there could be a possibly better solution here, but what that looks like is a anyone’s guess (see hlzh’s post #6)

What you will need to do now, if you feel strongly about the workflow or lack of intuitiveness is raise it as wishlist on the bug tracker.
Launchpad Bug/Wishlist tracker

I would copy ronso’s workflow and mention it as the status quo and also suggest what you wish could happen/ think would be a better solution. Not I want it fixed.
Maybe someone thinks its good ideas too and volunteers their time to code the solution.

Oakie Dokie, I’ll pop it into the Wishlist. And no, Ronzo, I didn’t scan the wrong folder, read again.
Sorry I got off on the wrong foot guys. I was having a bad day outside of MIXX stuff, not that that’s a good excuse. You’ve taken time to address my citations, so thank you.


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Mixxx doesn’t randomly add files to your library. It only adds files if you

  • configure a music directory
  • drag and drop them from a file manager
  • load them from the computer view of the library

If Mixxx add files without user interaction, then this is a bug. Please try to reproduce it with a clean config (i.e. Rename the config directory and start Mixxx).

at the bottom of Preferences > Library you’ll find a button Open Mixxx Settings Folder