USB Mic with Mixx

I understand Mixx doesn’t recommend using a USB mic, however for now that’s what I have. The USB mic has a plug in the front for a head set. This mic is not top of the line but it’s not a bad one. I like what I hear in the headphones.

It took me awhile to get the setup to work, which is a Toshiba laptop, USB mic and Sony headphones into the mic plug. Mixx is set to allow the mic to take control and I believe the same with Win10. No sound comes from the laptop external (the internal ones no longer work) speakers at all. I’m using this for my live broadcast on Live365.

My question is there a way, without a mixer, to have the programming audio come through the laptop external speakers (monitor) but when I activate the mic button on Mixx, the audio (music & mic) is then only heard through the headphones? The folks at Live365 told me to possibly change the Mixx config, which I haven’t tried. I did unplug the headset from the mic and then plug the laptop external speakers into that plug and the audio did come through. This would work for me while I was monitoring the music during a live show. When I was ready to click the mic I would have to plug the headphones back in. Lots of back and forth.

For now, Mixx does work and I like it, just trying to find a better way to have the USB mic, headphones, and external speakers all work together. Thank you!

Just to check what you’re looking for …

  1. Mic off - sound comes through monitor speakers plugged into laptop speaker out (and maybe headphones too)
  2. Mic on - sound comes through headphones connected to USB mic only

Is that it?


Thanks for the response.

Yes, you’ve got it.

Right now the external laptop speakers are not plugged into anything, basically not being used.

I did perform a test where I unplugged the headphones from the mic and then plugged in the external speakers in the same plug on the mic and the speakers worked.

My guess the problem is related to how I have Mixx configured by giving it control of the mic to Mic as well as Win10.