Using External Mixer to Broadcast

Hi @OsZ I am creating this new topic to see if you could help me with using an external mixer to go live. Let me know what information could help. Thanks.

Hey @RRP - first of all you could tell me what system your are on. Do you have midi specs for the device? cheers!

Hey @OsZ I am on a iMac and I am using a PreSonus StudioLIVE AR12c mixer. Currently we are using Mixxx 2.3 beta and have also used different 2.2 versions. The mixer is connected via USB into the iMac and regarding the midi specs, I do not know that information. Do you know how I would find that information? Thanks.

thanks - I am on Linux btw…

If the midi specs are not listed inside the manual then start mixxx in terminal

$ open -a mixxx --args --controllerDebug

and try the buttons, knobs and faders and watch the terminal output if MIDI signals are coming in. MIDI signals should come in blocks of 3 bytes. the channel, primary function and value. If so, then you can start with the learning wizard (see Mixxx manual) to program each of the hardware bits to mixxx commands.

PS: For my MC7000 there was no MIDI spec listed either so I created a list myself which came very handy when I programmed a bit more complex things. You may consider to get such a list done yourself.

Let me know if you get some midi signals and if you can map them using the learning wizard.

Hey @OsZ I was not really sure what I was doing and got these screenshots with different specs. Not sure if this is what you were asking about. Please advise.

plugin and switch on your mixer
When you launch mixxx from terminal and move faders or push buttons on your hardware, is there any output on the console?

Hi @OsZ I tried that and nothing was appearing on terminal. Seems that the output from the console is not reaching the mixxx? Am I interpreting this correctly? Please advise.

Looks like then your mixer doesn’t send signals and the USB port is only available for the sound card and not for controlling software. Unfortunate that is but you cannot do anything about it. Also no other software will be controlled if your mixer doesn’t send signals. Cheers

IIRC you need to enable the controller and select some random mapping to make the controller Debug messages show up.

Hey @OsZ and @hlzhs. I’m not sure if I’m not explaining myself correctly or if I am not understanding but I’m not trying to control the mixxx software with my mixer. I am just trying to have the sound that the mixer is sending out to go into mixxx. I am trying to broadcast live with an external mixer. I can broadcast music live just fine, but when I try to talk on air, it does not work. Is what you referring the same to what I’m trying to use mixxx for? Thanks.

OK, why didn’t you say so in your first post? :wink:

I assume you have read this?

@hlzhs I stated in the first post that I needed help going live using an external mixer. I have read that part of the manual many times and have tried over and over to do what it says. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks.

If you microphone does not work, that’s unrelated to Mixxx. With an external mixer, the mic should not be connected to Mixxx at all, it should be plugged directly in to the mixer.

From the manual:

Do not configure anything for the Microphone 1-4 inputs when using an external mixer. The microphone controls in Mixxx will not affect your microphones because the microphone is mixed by the external mixer.