Using Latest version 2.3.0 win 64 5 Aug 21

Broadcasting live.using 4 players an issue arises. Starting on track 1 upper left.
When I input a new track to 3 bottom left it starts to play number 1 again.
Also by moving the play buttons to the reverse of the previous version its slowing down the flow.
Can the play buttons be positioned either side of the faders in the middle. ? That makes it easier to move the mouse a shorter distance.

Sure, you can modify the skins to your preference. Just edit the XML files. We purposefully moved the play buttons to mirror the configuration found on virtually all controllers.

I also suggest to look into keyboard shortcuts, that will probably make your experience much smoother.

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please describe in detail what you did, expect and what happens, and which skin you use.

Just try the Tango skin, that has a mirrored layout.

Using the Tango. But it’s workable and only happens at the start. On going no issue