Using Mixxx with NI Audio 8 DJ

Hi guys,

actually I’m searching the web for more than two weeks, finding just methods that don’t work.
I try to use Mixxx with an NI Audio 8 DJ under Ubuntu Studio. All the old .asoundrc files don’t work and also the stuff with using jack audio server did not bring success.
So my question is quite simple. Can anyone of you help me running Mixxx 2.2.1 with my Audio 8 DJ under Ubuntu Studio 19.10???

Thanks a lot for your help!




I have same issue.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Mixxx: 2.2.4
Audio interface: Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ

From Ubuntu Audio Settings I can choose four different output stereo channels for Audio 8 DJ Analog Stereo output device:

  • Analog Stereo Output Channel A
  • Analog Stereo Output Channel B
  • Analog Stereo Output Channel C
  • Analog Stereo Output Channel D (Headphones)

But in Mixxx I just can choose:

  • Audio 8 DJ: - (hw:1,0) - Channels 1 - 2

Then if I choose this one and press Apply button the following error appears:

Error opening “Audio 8 DJ: - (hw:1,0)”
Sample format not supported

Some idea on how to get it work?


Same problem here, it’s an interesting one…

Audio8DJ works perfectly with xwax, obviously, but won’t work in mixxx… It’s not a show stopper for me as I only ever use mixxx with my controller and not with DVS, but it would be nice to have a solution.

Have you tried using Mixxx with JACK?

Not yet - JACK just confused me… I ended up getting my Audio8 to work just fine with xwax via alsa and didn’t persevere any further with JACK