v1.0 - MixVibes U-Mix Control Pro 2 Mapping

MixVibes U-Mix Control Pro 2 Mapping

More Information in the Mixxx-Harware-Wiki:

Please test and check the Mapping. Every help, suggestion, correction would be welcome. Please also check the WiKi-Page for typos or bad english.

New in v1.0:

  • BPM-Tap: Press “Shift” + “Sync”
  • Keylock: Press “Jog”

MixVibes_U-MIX-CONTROL_PRO_2-scripts.js (852 Bytes)
MixVibes_U-MIX_CONTROL_PRO_2_MI.midi.xml (30.3 KB)

Thanks tomtom – I added your preset to the 1.11 branch alongside peper’s since yours is for the pro version. Nice job on the wiki!