V2.3 Beta Issue with Mic on Big Sur/M1

As encourage by hlzhs here are the details of a problem that I’m having with 2.3 Beta (Build 2.3 r7964) on my M1 Mini running Big Sur 11.2 (As documented elsewhere 2.2.4 won’t install on Big Sur)

Everything that I need for radio broadcasting is working e.g. track playback, streaming, cueing , etc apart from the mic input. There is no audio coming into the mic input of Mixxx from my Focusrite Scarlett 214 which works fine on other apps.

There are no errors reported, no crashes so far, just no audio input. The skin that I’m using works fine on OSX10.14 on Version 2.2 of Mixxx. (I’ve attached a copy of the skin below)

As a NOOB please let me know if I should be putting this report somewhere else.



This might be an issue of the skin using incorrect or outdated controls to activate mic input. Do the official skins work? Does output to the Scarlett work in Mixxx?

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As @Be0 sugested, please check if the mics are working with the official 2.3 skins.
If they do it’s defintely an issue with the skin mod. Unfortunately it’s based on LateNight 1.12 and it also looks a bit like a template mashup of LateNight and Shade.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve now tried it with Latenight for V 2.3.x and it still doesn’t pick up the audio from the Mic/Focusrite. And yes the output does work to the Scarlett okay (and streaming as well).

Yes as mentioned to @Be0 Latenight has the same issue. (BTW I was unaware of how dated the the skin was and will look to update it :slight_smile: )

Could you try with another 2.3 skin, please?
Just to eliminate it’s a bug in LateNight…