Very laggy UI behavior on the Mac out of the blue

After a year of flawless operation (for live broadcasting), mixxx 2.2.3 is now reliably laggy. REALLY laggy, like input events aren’t processed for 10’s of seconds, and the related events seem to queue up. For example, with the auto dj on, click on the increment/decrement auto crossfader. Nothing seems to happen, so the user clicks more. Sometime later, all the events happen at once. This is only happening to mixxx. Mouse and keyboards events with other applications, such as safari for example, are working just fine. Its only mixxx, and only on MacOS. This system runs from SSD, and has worked quite well for an extended time. I hate to have her uninstall and re-install - will we lose the history? Any suggestions? Literally nothing has changed, but the new problem has stuck and continues, regardless of live broadcast or just simple playback. would appreciate any help or guidance…

Reinstalling mixx will not touch your settings/database, but for extra safety you can make a backup: 2. Getting Started — Mixxx User Manual

I vaguely remember that some macOS system updates may cause laggyness. IIRC it’s fixed on 2.3 beta, so I suggest you try that version instead.

2.2.3 has been running perfectly for a year, so I’m a little reluctant to have the DJ try a beta version. I know 2.2.4 only updated live dj features, so we haven’t installed that yet. Any issues with 2.3 beta?