Vestax VCI-300 + VFX-1 effect unit

Hello, free software massive.
I’m planning to get my first DJ controller, for which, I personally think, a used VCI-300 would be a decent choice. As it turns out, I could get a VCI-300 + VFX-1 for about $90. So, my questions are:

  1. Has any used Mixxx with that effect unit?
  2. How hard would it be to map its controls in Mixxx (I assume, there’s no community mapping available)?
  3. Is it even worth to bother with it or I’d better off buying just a controller for less money?

Delet this, the item was being sold as I created the topic.
But if anyone has an input on using effect unit controller things, do post here, it would help future generations.

If you want the most control over Mixxx’s effects, the Allen & Heath Xone K2 is the best controller for that.