Video Streaming Visuals

Serato posted some free visuals on their website:

If you’re live streaming on Twitch or something and want to spice things up, you might want to have a look.

Thanks @hlzhs, these videos seem funny to use, but they have Terms and Conditions (although they are quite permissive).

In the last years I’m experimenting with Radiance, but it wasn’t updated for a while and i have problems compiling it on a rollling release distro due to updated packages (librtmidi, mpv, qt).

Radiance is quite powerful coupled with midi_for_lights script.

I have a mapping for it, someday i will post, but it really matters only if Radiance will get an update.

Funny but not really like it…
I typically use VSXu or projectM for audio visualization.
Have a fantastic day. Cheers!