Vinyl control sound card for Linux?

Hi everyone, i got a question regarding a interface to use with mixxx on linux trying to use a dvs system. I had an old rane sl2 laying around but when i try and hook it up mixxx does not recognize it so i guess its not usb compliant for linux. I wanted to know if there is maybe a work around for this or if you guys have some good suggestions for an interface that works out of the box with linux. I found a cheap one online wich is the reloop iphono 2 but dont know if this one will work? If not all suggestions for another are welcome!


Hello Gilles,

maybe this document will be helpful to you

Obvious isn’t update as well but it’s useful.

Usually i do as a trick to connect the device on a Mac (or Windows) to know what chipset is on board, to help me to find a solution.

I use a Zoom UAC2 which works perfectly on my Linux box

Unfortunately nobody has written a Linux driver for the Rane SL2/3/4. The Reloop iphono 2 only has 2 inputs and outputs so you’d need two of them. The Traktor Audio 6 and Denon DS1 work with Linux, but you may have trouble finding them now, like a lot of DJ gear.