VST3 support possible?

Hello again,

I read previous posts about VST2 support which was of course not possible given it required a proprietary license. But I didn’t find a discussion about VST3 (my bad if I missed it!).

However, the VST3 SDK is licensed under GPL3:


Mixxx is licensed under GPLv2+, so I guess that supporting VST3 would require to switch to GPLv3.

Is support for VST3 a future possibility (or even planned :wink: ) and only hindered by a lack of contributors, or is there a blocking issue in licensing I didn’t notice?

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Yes, the only reason it is not supported is because no one has done it yet.


I understand! I would love to contribute but I’m not an audio programmer unfortunately :frowning: I hope someone will be be interested in doing that!

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For those interested in trying to use VST3 plugins right now with Mixxx, this may be possible by virtually wiring decks through Ardour, which supports VST3 plugins since v6.5.