waveform movement


With baby steps changed color an positions on attributes. Its so exciting to see an edit on the xml file, manifest itself on the program!! Can I make the waveforms move vertically instead of horizontaly? I was able to place the waveforms where I want them (left right to each other) but they still scroll right to left. I’m 50 years old and I can’t unlearn Serato vertical waveform…I get dizzy trying to track them right to left… LOL!! :smiley:



This is possible since Mixxx 2.1.0
See: mixxx.org/wiki/doku.php/cre … s#waveform


I am curious to see your results here …

Hello Daschuer,

Thats what I thought!!! …and read it from the WIKI… hmmm wonder what I’m doing wrong…Ill try again! ill post the changes and the pictures


PS if someone who knows what they are doing …can do it for me??? :slight_smile:

I got this far…finally! But I. So confused. Changing vertical to horizontal and vice versa …isn’t ptrogramming…its guessing?? I tried to add a picture but its too big (2m limit) ill make the picture smaller and up load tomorrow.

Support for vertical waveforms was added to the waveform code but no one has actually made a skin using it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some bugs with vertical waveforms.

I didn’t even know vertical waveforms were possible. I’m going to have a go at that too!

Hi, here is the picture. I changed the box size the other day, but it was just guess work… I know I have to study this, not just start changing things…LOL!!

Good to see! I’m going to have a go at adding this to my Simplicity Skin i’m working on. Nice to see another Macbook user on here too!

hi Davidb2002

I wish I had a bit more free time…but ill get to it…december is busy. Ill take a peek at Simplicity. i already like the name…old guys like me…left deck right deck speed control, IM GOOD!!! I’m going to read more on the skin subject I don’t think I understand it enough…I wish I could start with a blank canvas…


I could use that would be great

did you get it done?

Also looking for a vertical waveform skin! Any update?