Wego 4 midi mapping needed


Does anyone have a full midi mapping for Pioneers DDJ Wego 4 ?

I have searched this forum and google for this, but this way I have only found mapping for original wego, which have a bit different layout and somehow a wego 4 mapping, which sadly lacked some of the main functionality.
The closest I have got is a wego 3 mapping which fitted the best - had to wizard crossfader, but did stuck with filter knobs not working, as the wego 3 didn’t have this type of control. Also it would be nice to have a LED functionality, which would show track progress and other visual cues.

I have watched a video, looked through wiki and tried to fix the issues by myself, but this is way out of my knowledge…
I would appreciate if anyone would have a fully working mapping or somehow could help me to get it all up and running.


I know a guy who has it, I will contact you in personal message,

Thanks and Regards

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Can you pleas send it to me as well in pm or post it here?

Please i need this mapping, mail me.

Please, help me

Do you have mapping for Wego4?

Did anyone get this mapping from @GabeD ?

would love a copy !

Hi! I haven’t gotten WeGo4 mapping files. I had gathered some previous version files which didn’t fully support WeGo4… If you know coding, maybe you guys can fix these: WeTransfer

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