Where is the BPM Range option in preferences?

I see this is a not really answered question, but where is the bpm range option in preferences? i have a lot of dnb tracks who are ~170 bpm, and seem the old range is used 70~140 bpm, so all my tracks have ~80bpm, and some ~100 (wtf)… yeah i can select all and double the tempo (not for ~100 analyzed who i need to beatgrid manually)…

But just want to know how to set a range for analzyer? Or this is a missing feature removed for some arcane issues?

Generally from other softwares, put a range for the analyzer is helpful and get a 99% correct matching, but for now without a range selector is a pain correct matching the tracks.

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"I experience the same with many footwork tracks being detected as 80, while all are 160 BPM.
simply select multiple wrong detected tracks, right-click, BPM > double BPM. done.

personally I don’t miss the BPM range to enforce 160ish BPM because I’d get all tracks below 80 BPM wrong then.

I don’t remember anymore why the range was removed (though I remember the reasons being valid). someone may shed a light on that."

try the 3/2 convertion on those. weird breakbeats may cause weird BPM result, but in my experience the analyzer is rarely completely off, it’s usually just the factor that’s wrong.

The reason it was removed because it helped get the BPM right for about as many tracks as it made the BPM wrong.

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I’ll try the 3/2 trick, thanks for the info, and for the clarification about the range removed on preference panel. Yeah you’re right about the factor, dnb tracks, after doubling the tempo, get a exact tempo and beatgrid. Sorry for duplicate post, even if in the previous post there is no a real clarification about the range option removed… that’s why i’m opening a new one, have a good day :slight_smile: