Which time format for [ChannelN] hotcue_X_position

which time format for “[ChannelN] hotcue_X_position” nanoseconds, milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, barcardi cola, pangalactic thunderous gurgler?

I would expect samples - divide it with samplerate and you get seconds.

1 second = 2x 44100 hz = 88200 correctly?

I don’t understand why you take samples and not a timestamp

Use what 14. Advanced Topics — Mixxx User Manual returns…

this seems to be working

var tracksamplerate = engine.getValue(group,“track_samplerate”) * 2;
var trackduration = engine.getValue(group,“duration”);
engine.setValue(group, hotcue_1_position, tracksamplerate * 90);
engine.setValue(group, hotcue_2_position, tracksamplerate * (trackduration - 90));

It’s documented in the manual btw: 14. Advanced Topics — Mixxx User Manual