Will Mixxx 2.3 be released before 2021?

I understand that you been working on it since long and that it’s close to finished. But do you think Mixxx 2.3 will be released before the start of 2021?

quoting @Be0’s earlier response on that same question on github:

“Beta builds are updated with each commit. We are close to a stable release but we can’t make any promises of when that will happen. There are still serious issues to investigate on macOS.”

For any important updates subscribe to Mixxx 2.30 Beta

I’m waiting for the Windows version not Mac so that’s no problem for me.

The thing is that 2.3 won’t be released until we fixed the major blocking issues on all OSes have been fixed. We won’t release 2.3 for Windows without releasing 2.3 for macOS at the same time.