Workaround for controlling library when window is unfocused?

Hello, as far as I understood it is not possible to control the library (track selection and track loading) via midi when the window is unfocused.
Does anyone know a good workaround to achieve this anyway?

In the planned setup I would mainly have a lighting software focused and I just wanted to use additional midi controls to have access to the mixxx library with just basic playback and volume controls sometimes when required, but I would prefer to not have to switch the focus between the two applications.

Since some OS based workaround might be required, this setup will be using Windows 10 for now.

Wow… I thought it only affected the focus within Mixxx controls (i.e. not work when clicked on decks or samplers or…) but I still thought it reacted independently of the application in focus.

Definitely, this implementation needs an important rework, given that the old methods did work without issue and this was just something to acommodate for more than one panel (which is a feature that is still on hold)

You can use the [playlist] controls for this. Unfortunately, despite it being the only way to do it when you don’t have focus Mixxx say they are going to depreciate these controls. … s#playlist
(This is also more in the Depreciated section that still work if you wanted to map to buttons etc rather than a knob.)

I discussed this exact issue a while ago on Zulip … ical.20and.

And opened a bug for it already.

Thanks, the depreciated controls work fine for now.